List of Uyghur intellectuals imprisoned in China from 2016 to the present
(Last updated on January 9th, 2019)

Medical Researchers and Doctors
1. Halmurat Ghopur, (M) Former rector of Xinjiang Medical University, head of XUAR Medical Oversight Bureau, physician, PhD
2. Abbas Eset, (M) Instructor at Xinjiang Medical University, physician, PhD
3. Nurmemet Emet (M) Head of Uyghur Traditional Medicine Dept., Xinjiang Medical University PhD
4. Enwer Tokhti, (M) Instructor at Uyghur Traditional Medicine Dept., Xinjiang Medical University
5. Alim Pettar, (M) Instructor at Xinjiang Medical University, physician, PhD
6. Perha tBekhti, (M) Vice Rector of hospital attached to Xinjiang Medical University
7. Abduqeyum Tewekkul, (M) Physician, Kashgar Prefectural People's Hospital
8. Enwer Abdukérim, (M0 Physician, Kashgar Prefectural People's Hospital
9. Husen Hesen (M) physician, Kucha Uyghur Medicine Hospital
10. Ebeydulla Hesen (M) physician, XUAR Uyghur Medicine Hospital
11. Tahir Hesen (M), physician, Kucha people's hospital
12. NejibullaAblat (M) cardiologist, Kashgar NO:2 people's Hospital.
13, Dolqun Tursun (M), XUAR Department of Preventive Medical.
14. Ilham Imam (M), ENT specialist, XUAR medical University hospital
15. Gulshen Abbas (F) doctor, XUAR Nurbagh Petroleum Hospital
16. Abdurehimjan Emet (M), physician XUAR Uyghur Medicine Hospital

University Instructors
17. Erkin Abdurehim (Oghuz), (M) Professor, Kashgar University, retired
18. Metréhim Haji, (M) Professor, Kashgar University
19. EnwerIsma'il, (M) Associate Professor, Kashgar University
20. EnwerQadir, (M ) Associate Professor, Kashgar University
21. Gülnar Obul, (F) Professor, Kashgar University
22. Erkin Ömer, (M) Professor, Kashgar University, school principal
23. Mukhter Abdughopur, (M)Instructor, Kashgar University
24. Qurban Osman, (M) Instructor, Kashgar University
25. Ablajan Abduwaqi, (M) Professor, Kashgar University; chair, Mathematics Department
26. Rahile Dawut, (F) Professor, Xinjiang University; PhD
27. Arslan Abdulla, (M) Former dean, Philology Institute, Xinjiang University; Professor; Head of XUARPeople's Government Cultural Advisors' Office
28. Abdukérim Rahman, (M) Professor, Xinjiang University
29. Gheyretjan Osman, (M) Professor, Xinjiang University
30. Tashpolat Téyip, (M) Professor, Xinjiang University; school principal
31. Alim Ehet, (M) Instructor, Xinjiang University; Developer of UyghurSoft software suite
32. Dilmurat Tursun, (M) Instructor, Xinjiang University
33. Batur Eysa, (M) Instructor, Xinjiang University
34. Rehim Rehmitulla, (M) Instructor, Xinjiang University
35. Erkin Imirbaqi, (M) Instructor, Xinjiang University
36. NurbiyeYadikar, (F) Instructor, Xinjiang University
37. Nebijan Hebibulla, (M) Instructor, Xinjiang University
38. Asiye Muhemmedsalih, (F) Instructor, Xinjiang University
39. Abdusalam Ablimit, (M) Instructor, Xinjiang University
40. Abdubesir Shükri, (M) Professor, Dean, Philology Institute, Xinjiang Normal University
41.Abduqadir Jalalidin, (M) Professor, Xinjiang Normal University; poet,
42. Jemile Saqi, (F) Instructor, Xinjiang Education Institute, PhD; wife of AbduqadirJalalidin
43. Yunus Ebeydulla , (M) Professor, Xinjiang Normal University
44. Ababekri Abdureshit, (M) Instructor, Xinjiang Normal University, PhD
45. Nur'eli Shahyaqup, (M) Instructor, Xinjiang Normal University, PhD
46. Nurmuhemmet Ömer (Uchqun), (M) Instructor, Xinjiang Normal University, PhD
47. Kamil Metréhim, (M) Professor, Pedagogical Institute, Ürümchi Vocational University
48. Arzugül Tashpolat, (F) Lecturer, Xinjiang Engineering Institute; Arrested together with husband EkremTursun
49. Zulpiqar Barat (Özbash), (M) Former instructor, Xinjiang University; PhD
50. Nijat Ablimit, (M) Instructor, Kashgar University
51. Dilmurat Ghopur, (M) Vice Rector, Xinjiang University
52. Abduréhim Rahman, (M) Associate Professor, Xinjiang University; PhD; husband of Ruqiye Osman
53. Ruqiye Osman, (F) Administrator, Xinjiang University Library; wife of Abduréhim Rahman
54. Imam, the computer center of Xinjiang University.
55. Weli Barat, (M) Former dean of Xinjiang University.
56. Mutellip Sidiq Qahiri (M) associate professor, Kashgar University.
57. Enwer Sidiq (M), Lecturer of physics, Xinjiang Normal University
58. Nijat Sopi, (M) Professor, Ili Teachers College; PhD; dean, Literature Department.
59. Barat Tursunbaqi, (M) Former rector, Hotan Teachers College [Dazhuan]
60. Ablet Abdurishit (Berqi), (M) Associate Professor, Xinjiang Education Institute; PhD; poet
61. Khalmurat Eysajan, (M) Instructor, Ili Pedagogical Institute
62. Ömerjan Nuri, (M) Instructor, Hotan Teachers College [Dazhuan]
63. Azat Sultan, (M) Chairman, XUAR Literature and Arts Union; Chair, Xinjiang Writers Association; Professor; Literature expert
64. Gulazat Tursun (F) Law school Xinjiang University, Human rights specialist.
65. Kerimjan Abdurehim (M), Insctructor, poet, Kashgar Education Institute.
66. Adil Ghappar (M), Lecturer, Xinjiang Normal University.
67. Juret Dolet (M), Director of Student Affair Office, Hotan Teachers College

High & middle School Teachers
68. Ablajan Memet, (M) Konisheher Number one High school.
69. Ehmetjan Jume (M), Konisheher Number one high school
70. Sajidigul Ayup (F) Konisheher Number one high school.
71. Abla Memet (M) former principal of Kucha NO:1 high school, reworded in 2017 in chemistry.
72. Niyaz Imin, (M) Former teacher, Kucha County NO:1 Middle School
73. Ekrem Islam, (M) Vice Principal, Sanji City NO:3 Middle School
74. Dilraba Kamil, (F) Instructor, Ürümchi 92 Middle School
75. Tursunjan Hézim, (M) Instructor, Aqsu 1 Middle School
76. Ablet Shemsi, (M) Instructor, Kucha County Ishkhala Village Middle School
77. Adil Tursun, (M) Vice Principal, senior teacher, Kashgar Old City County 1 Middle School; National-Level Expert
78. Shahip Abdusalam (Nurbeg), (M) Instructor, KelpinCounty 1 Middle School; poet
79. Zohre Niyaz (Sayramiye), (F) Instructor, Bay County Sayram Village Middle School; poet
80. TurdiTuniyaz, (M) Former Principal, Ürümchi City Experimental Middle School
81. AlimYawa, (M) Former instructor, Peyzawat County Güllük Village Middle School; poet
82. Ilham Tahir, (M) Teacher (fired), middle school attached to Kashgar Normal University; son of Tahir Talip

Journalists, Editors and Publishers
83. Ablikim Hesen, (M) Head of Uyghur Department and senior editor, Xinjiang Youth Press;
84. Yalqun Rozi, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press,
85. Qadir Arslan, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
86. Mahibeder Mekhmut, (F) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
87. Ayshem Peyzulla, (F) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
88. Tahir Nasir, (M) Former head, former assistant head editor, Xinjiang Education Press; XUAR People's Government education inspector
89. Wahitjan Osman, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press, poet
90. Erkin Muhemmet, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
91. Ekber Sirajidin, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press
92. Yasin Zilal, (M) Head editor, "Tarim" Journal; poet
93. Abdurakhman Ebey, (M) Former chief, former senior editor, Xinjiang People's Press
94. Ekhmetjan Mömin (Tarimi), (M) Senior editor, Xinjiang People's Press
95. Qurban Mamut, (M) Former head editor, former senior editor, "Xinjiang Culture" Journal
96. IlhamWeli, (M) Chair, senior editor, "Xinjiang Gazette" Uyghur Editorial Department
97. Mirkamil Ablimit, (M) Vice Chair, senior editor, "Xinjiang Gazette" Uyghur Editorial Department
98. Memtimin Obul, (M) Editor, "Xinjiang Gazette" Uyghur Editorial Department
99. Jür'et Haji, (M) Editor, "Xinjiang Gazette" Uyghur Editorial Department
100. Erkin Tursun, (M) Editor, director, Ili Television Station
101. Abduréhim Abdulla, (M) Senior editor, Xinjiang Audiovisual Press; poet
102. Enwer Qutluq (Nezeri), (M) Editor, Xinjiang Television Station; poet
103. Qeyser Qéyum, (M) Editor in Chief, "Literary Translations" Journal Committed suicide. Jumped off eighth floor of his office building after a police summons rather than face probable detention in the camps.
104. Mirzahit Kérim, (M) Former editor (retired), Kashgar Uyghur Press; writer
105. Mehmutjan Khoja (Ümidwar), (M) Editor, "Xinjiang Youth" Journal; poet
106. Ablajan Siyit, (M) Vice head editor, senior editor, Kashgar Uyghur Press
107. Osman Zunun, (M) Former head editor, senior editor, Kashgar Uyghur Press, retired
108. Abliz Ömer, (M) Former head editor, senior editor, Kashgar Uyghur Press, retired
109. Osman Ehet (M) music editor, Qarluq electronic
110. Erkin Ibrahim (peyda) (M) publisher, CEO of ogen publishing company.
111.Chimen'gül Awut, (F) Senior editor, Kashgar Uyghur Publishers; poet
112. Tahir Talip, (M) Senior editor, "Kashgar Daily," poet, public figure
113. Khalide Isra'il, (F) Editor, "Xinjiang Gazette," retired; writer
114. Méhrigül Tahir, (F) Instructor, Kashgar Preschool Teachers Training School; daughter of Tahir Talip
115. Abdurahman Abdurehim (M) Kashgar Uyghur press, editor
116. Memetjan Abliz Boriyar (M), Kashgar Uyghur Press, editor, writer
117. Memet Sidiq (M), Kashgar Uyghur Press
118. Anargul Hekim, (F), Kashgar Uyghur Press
119. Guzelnur Qasim (F), Kashgar Uyghur Press
120. Mahinur Hamut, (F) Kashgar Uyghur Press
121. Erkin Emet (M), Head of Kashgar Uyghur Press
122. Emrulla Enwer (M) Kashgar Uyghur Press

Poets, Writers and Scholars
123. Perhat Tursun, (M) Researcher, XUAR People's Arts Center; PhD; writer, poet
124. Abbas Muniyaz, (M) Professional writer, XUAR Writers' Association
125. Muhter Helil Bughra (M), Poet, XUAR TV Station
126. Idris Nurulla, (M) Independent translator, poet
127. Qasimjan Osman (Ghazi), (M) Civil servant, Peyzawat County Party Committee Propaganda Department; poet
128. YasinJanSadiq (choghlan) (M) writer, XUAR writers association
129. Osman Hoshur (M), Writer, participant of Uyghur textbook.
130. Memet Emet chopani, Writer, poet
131. Ibrahim Alptekin (M) poet, publisher, Artush
132. AbduqadirJüme, (M) Independent translator, poet
133. Nezire Muhemmedsalih, (F) Independent writer; wife of AdiljanTuniyaz; daughter of MuhemmedsalihHajim
134. Muhemmedsalih Hajim, (M) Researcher, Nationalities Research Institute, Xinjiang Social Science Academy, retired; translator of the Quran into Uyghur; religious scholar and translator; died at age 84 in a camp; father of Nezire Muhemmedsalih
135. Memet'éliAbdurehim, (M ) Former head of XUAR Language Committee, retired
136. Tahir Abduweli, (M) Researcher, XUAR Language Committee
137. Alimjan, (M) Researcher, XUAR Language Committee
138. Na'iljanTurghan, (M) Researcher, XUAR Language Committee
139. Küresh Tahir, (M) Researcher, Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy; son of Tahir Talip
140. Abdurazaq Sayim, (M) Vice Head of Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy; senior researcher
141. Gheyret Abdurahman, (M) Researcher, Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy; Vice Head, Language Institute, Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy
142. Abduqéyum Mijit, (M) Researcher, Ethnic Culture Research Institute, Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy
143. Sajide Tursun, (F ) Postdoctoral researcher at Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious Diversity in Gottingen, Germany
144. Abbas Burhan, (M) Researcher, XUAR Education Department; Vice Principal, Ürümchi City 10 Elementary School
145. Ablimit, (M) Independent researcher of Uyghur classical literature; PhD
146. Gulbahar Eziz, Writer, Poet, Lawyer.
147. AdiljanTuniyaz, (M) Former staff, Xinjiang People's Radio Station; poet; husband of Nezire Muhemmedsalih
148. Dilmurat Tursun (M) researcher, Urumchi Municipal education department,
149. Adil Rishit (M) researcher, XUAR Educational Press
150. Tursunjan Muhemmet Marshal, website editor, Writer
151. Tursunbeg Yasin (M), Blogger, writer
152. Tuniyaz Osman (M), writer, former Judge, Aksu seismology Deparmet.
153. Omerjan Hesen (Bozqir) writer, Translator, Blogger, Aksu Forestry Department Actors,directors, Hosts, singers
154. Mekhmutjan Sidiq, (M) Director, Xinjiang Television Station
155. Ekhmetjan Metrozi, (M) Technician, Xinjiang Television Station
156. Qeyum Muhemmet, (M) Associate Professor, Xinjiang Art Institute; actor; host ; husband of Aynur Tash
157. Aynur Tash, (F) Ürümchi People's Radio Station, retired for health reasons; wife of QéyumMuhemmet
158. Erkin Tursun, (M) Editor, director, Ili Television Station
159. Es'et Éziz, (M) Chief, Ürümchi People's Radio Station Uyghur Editorial Department
160. Zulpiqar Köresh, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Television Station; singer
161. Abdurehim Heyit (M) singer
162. Zulpiqar Koresh (M) host, XUAR TV station
163. ReshideDawut (F) singer, XUAR theater
164. Adil Mijit (M) comedian, XUAR Theater
165. Senuber Tursun (F) singer, XUAR theater
166. Aytilla Ela (F), singer, XUAR Theater
167. Ablet Zeydin (M) XUAR TV station, editor
168. Peride Mamut (M), singer, actor
169. Zahirshah Ablimit (M) singer
170. Ablajan Awut Ayup (M) singer
171. Memetjan Abduqadir (M) singer, actor
172. Mahire Yusup (F) singer, Urumchi Song and Dance Troup
173. Nurshat Mijit (M) Singer, song writer

Computer Engineers
174. Qeyser Abdukerim (M), computer engineer, poet.
175. Metyasin Metqurban (M) Bilkan electronic company, CEO, computer engineer
176. Perhat Zahir (M) computer engineer
177. Abdurahman Memetabla (M) computer engineer, CEO, Rawanyol electronic company.
178. Nurshat (M) Graphic designer, Qarluq Electronic Company
179. Abletjan Ismail (M), Creator of Yaltapan software, IT engineer of XUAR Government website,
180. Sirajidin Qarluq (M), Qarluq electronic, co, ltd,
181. Amannisa Qemirdin (F) accountant, Qarluq Electronic Company.
182. Reyhangul Mehmut (F) graphic designer, Qarluq electronic
183. Yusup Ehmet (M) graphic designer, Qarluq electronic
184. Emetjan, (M) Qutlan Electronic Company, computer engineer
185. Mukhtar Rozi, (M) Computer expert; programmer
186. Ekber Eset (M) Website designer, CEO, Bagdax electronic
187. Dilshat Perhat (Ataman), (M) Founder, "Diyarim" Website

Photographers and Painters
188. Nijat Memtimin, (M) Employee, Kashgar Prefectural Government Information Office; photographer
189. Mutellipjan Memtimin, (M) Owner, "Kashgar White Steed Photo Studio"; photographer
190. Ablikimjan (M), designer, Kashgar Preschool teachers School

191. Ablimit Ablikim, (M) MA student, Shanghai Arts Institute
192. Arzugül Abdurehim, (F) Received MA in Japan
193. Abdurishit Imin (M) XUAR Department of Agriculture
194. Gülbahar Éziz, (F) Civil servant, XUAR Prison Administration Office; psychology Counselor; Lawyer
195. Ghalip Rahman, (M) vice chief, Urumchi municipal court, Judge.
196. Ekber Ebeydulla (M) Kashagr Cultural Heritage Protecting Departmen.
197. Ebeydulla Ibrahim (M) Writer, Editor in Chief, Xinjiang Youth,
198. Mihray Mijit (F), Principle of #20 Primary School, Editor of Uyghur Textbook. Supplement: imprisoned intellectuals from other minority nationalities of Xinjiang
199. Qabilqan Sadiq, (M) Editor, Xinjiang Education Press; Kyrgyz
200. Esqer Junus, (M) Researcher, Xinjiang Social Sciences Academy; Kyrgyz
201. Hörmetjan Abdurahman (Fikret), (M) Professor, Xinjiang University; Uzbek
202. MambetTurdi, (M) Professor, Xinjiang Normal University; literary critic; Kyrgyz
203.Abdurahman Eziz (M) Writer, Ermudun, Yengisheher, Kashgar, Kyrgiz
204. Dina Igemberdi (F) Painter, Urumqi Tianshan District, Tuanjielu, No 78. Kazakh
205. Nurbaqit Qadir (M), editor, Xinjiang Education Press. Kazakh
206. Maqadas Aqan (M), editor, Xinjiang Education Press. Kazakh

1. This list is composed of Uyghur intellectuals whose imprisonment has been confirmed by the Uyghur diasporas. The imprisonment of some individuals on the list has been investigated by Radio Free Asia; the imprisonment of the other intellectuals listed here has been confirmed by other reliable sources in China and some relatives of detainees in diaspora.
2. While considerable care has been taking in compiling and checking the list, obstacles have nonetheless been considerable, given the information blockade imposed on Xinjiang (Eastern Turkistan) by the Chinese government. As a result, there may be errors in the list. We ask readers’ help in correcting any such issues, compiling further information on the individuals listed here in, and adding other detained intellectuals to the list.
3. It is clear that the number of detained intellectuals greatly exceeds the number listed here. This list—and other lists of detained individuals—will be continually revised and expanded.
4. In January 9th, order are reorganized, after this time the order will be the same, if I add some individuals they should under the “Others” For further information and pictures about imprisoned individuals, please contact Abduweli Ayup.
(Last updated on January 9th, 2019)