Latest information coming out of East Turkistan

I have received some new information about the situation of the Uyghurs in East Turkestan:

Some detainees in various concentration camps were divided into 6 groups. “The most serious criminals” were put in Group 6, and “the least serious criminals” were in Group 1. Then they were given jail sentences. The prison terms of Group 6 ranged from 15 years to death. The other groups were given less jail sentences than Group 6.

Guards started torturing Group 6 detainees with the most severe ones, so that they could admit their “crimes” faster. After going through a series of tortures, the detainees were forced to sign a “Confess Letter”, stating that “I have been infected with radical ideas, infected with terrorism ideas, and I had separatism ideas.” After that they were asked to tell officials “other criminals” among their relatives and friends who had prayed, kept a copy of Quran, read Uyghur-language books, were familiar with the Uyghur history, or had a plan to go abroad. They were also forced to eat pork, reject the God, and reject the Turkic identity of the Uyghurs. The ones who “behaved well” got promoted to Group 5. Such tactics were used to the detainees in all groups. The end result is that all the detainees became enemy to one another.

The cells of the detainees in Group 6 are most secretive, and the detainees in that group were not allowed to meet with anybody. The Uyghurs who were transported to Han provinces, dispersed and in some cases executed came from this Group 6.

The detainees who are now being picked for foreign observers come from Group 1 who have gone through total physical and mental destruction and have become to say “yes” for anything so that they can keep themselves alive.

The kids whose both parents were killed or died in concentration camps or prisons are also being killed now by the local government.

--Erkin Sidiq. June 19, 2019

China is Carrying out Mass-Execution on the Uyghur Detainees Transported and Dispersed to Han Provinces

A 19 Sep. 2018 article by Foreign Policy stated the following: “Cultural genocide means the elimination of a group’s identity; destroying them without killing them”; “China has chosen cultural genocide in Xinjiang—For now”; “So far China hasn’t resorted to mass killings, even though cultural genocide is much more complicated, costly, and difficult”; “If cultural genocide proves too difficult, it is more likely that China will default to an easier approach than abandon its goals—with fatal consequences”; “Holocaust and Rwandan genocide are both notable for the extremely clear and routinized organizational hierarchies responsible for conducting mass murder”. [1]

A 17 Dec. 2018 report by Bitter Winter says [2]: “According to sources in Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the provinces of Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Heilongjiang, and others have been assigned quotas of detainees to take. At present, sources have reported that Shaanxi Province in central China was issued a quota of about 25,000 people. An estimated 500,000 Uyghur Muslims will be dispersed and detained throughout China.” The same publication revealed that the Uyghur concentration camp detainees were transported secretly in freight trains from East Turkestan (aka Xinjiang) to some Han provinces, and also secretly dispersed to various prisons where some of them “are left to perish on their own.” When I read this article, I thought that “it is completely possible for those Uyghur detainees to be mass-executed by the orders from the top.” I have been extremely worried about them since then.

I learned several days ago that some portion of the Uyghurs transported to Gansu Province have been dispersed in groups of about 50 people, executed, and buried under the ground. The detainees were transported and dispersed in 3 different phases: With trains to Gansu train stations, with special buses to some sparsely populated areas, and finally with prison buses to execution fields. The guards were replaced with new ones at the end of each phase. The Uyghur detainees did not make any sounds—It was not clear what had been done their voices or to them. The army soldiers who carried out such execution and became mentally disordered have also been executed. This process is currently still underway. Some proof for this is available to the right party.

I suggest that any international fact-finding team that will visit East Turkestan in the future count the current population of the Uyghurs in East Turkestan, compare the number to 11.3 million Uyghur population reported by the Chinese government in 2015, and ask where the rest of the population went. I call the international communities and the world to stop this crime by the communist Chinese government.

--Erkin Sidiq. May 30, 2019

China Has Chosen Cultural Genocide in Xinjiang—For Now

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Uyghurs Secretly Moved to Hide Mass Detentions

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A Letter from A Prison Guard in the Newly Built Concentration Camp in Dawanching

Young Uyghur girls were raped at will by guards in concentration camps, and were sent home if became pregnant. This kinds of crimes against humanity is being committed now in East Turkestan by the Chinese government!

“One day, more than 3,000 high school girls, all of them are around the age of 18, were transferred to the Dawanching concentration camp, right after the camp’s expansion. One of the girls who was standing in the first row, quietly said to me: “Brother, you can do anything to my body, as long as you can rescue me from here”. I couldn’t look into her eyes at that time, and her words echo almost every day in my ears ever since.”

“Most of the time, the officer would rape the selected girl alone. Sometimes, if he is high, he would let subordinates gang rape the girls after him. After they are done, the girl would be returned back to the cell. The girl wouldn’t say anything, but I could see her tears from the camera. In the cells, they are not allowed to cry, not allowed to express their emotions, and not allowed to talk. Because of those restrictions, they can’t vent their emotions, so their mood can be extremely dreadful.”

The above are the two excerpts from a letter from a prison guard in the newly built concentration camp in Dawanching, near Urumchi. The original letter (in Chinese) was posted online by Erkin Azat on May 12, 2019. The letter has been translated into English by Torchlight Uyghur Group, and posted on this website . Please read the full letter, and help us save the Uyghurs in East Turkestan. Thank you!

--–Erkin Sidiq

New Information about the Uyghurs and the Uyghur Homeland

Provided by an Uyghur witness from China –
May 8, 2019

"It is impossible to live in our homeland. Most Uyghurs were locked up in concentration camps. The young Uyghurs were taken to factories in Han provinces. I work in a factory as well. It is a job only in the name, in reality it is a concentration camp. If we run away, we will be put in a prison. We have to work every day. We are not allowed to go outside the factory. Sometimes we can submit written appeal and if we are approved we can go outside. In general we all are locked up like in a prison. The officers of our factory have brought here 20 policemen from Xinjiang, and they guard us at all times.

It is very hard for us to take it. Our relatives back home are all disappeared.

We are all boys, 19 – 26 years old. About 300 Uyghur boys and 500 Uyghur girls came here together in a train. The boys work together in one factory now, but the girls disappeared right after arriving here. The girls are 17 – 26 years old, and are unmarried.

The situation back home is horrible. It is very hard for the Uyghurs to take all the humiliation, mental pressure, oppression and killings. I used to eat lunch with someone together today, he got detained the next day, and I was told he was killed on the third day. It is really hard for the Uyghurs to live now."

--Translated and put together by Dr. Erkin Sidiq

Latest message sent from our homeland—East Turkestan

Dec. 24, 2018

"We have political study meeting every day evening at 7 – 9pm. In the meeting we study politics and Han Chinese language, and describe our anti two-faced people feelings. These meetings are usually very quiet.

Local government started to demolish Uyghur houses again. They demolished a lot of homes during an extremely cold winter season two years ago, and it started again. The local government uses various excuses in doing so. For example, not safe, and not earth-quake resistant, so on. This way a lot of Uyghurs will lose their houses again.

The government will start large-scale Uyghur population transfer tomorrow. They transfer some people from concentration camps to prisons, as well as to the other parts of China. The government has planned to charge the 110,000 Uyghurs detained in concentration camps and transfer them to prisons in the beginning phase. It is possible that this number will be gradually increased. If foreign reporters come to Xinjiang in the near future, they may not be able to see the 2 million Uyghurs detained in various concentration camps before but transferred to prisons and to the other parts of China.

A lot of people are dying. We hear such news everyday. Infectious diseases are now wide-spread. The number of the people suffering and dying from infectious lung, liver, skin and brain diseases is increasing rapidly.

Recently some Uyghurs were released from concentration camps, but they have been forced to carry out pro-government propaganda activities going around from town to town, from village to village, and from city to city. They tell people how wonderful the government is, how the government taught them free of charge the various job skills, how the government gave them jobs afterwards, and how the government helped them to free themselves from religious extremism."

Why the Chinese Government Wants to Eradicate the Uyghur Race Now?
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Communist China’s “Belt and Road” Center – Korla

(Translation of the Chinese introduction over a map – please see the video clip attached with the same title in Chinese through the link below)

"This is the Silk Road Economic Belt Central Region (pointing the map). The so-called “Belt and Road” is the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Ocean Silk Road. The central region of the Silk Road Economic Belt is Korla, more accurately located at the 27th division of the Bingtuan (in English: Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps) where our project is located. Going west from Korla, we will pass Kuqa, Aksu, Kashgar, and then arrive in a border port called Konjirap. However, Konjirap is not an ideal place for building a free trade region, since it is 4,733 miters (15,524 feet) above the sea level and covered by snow all the year around. Passing Konjirap we will enter Pakistan. This area (as pointed) is called China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and it can also be called China-Pakistan Economic Belt. Now there already exists a rail road called China-Pakistan Rail Road, at the moment we are building the China-Pakistan Highspeed Rail Road and compatible highways. Crossing the whole territory of Pakistan, we will arrive at the port of Gwadar. What is the strategic value of the port of Gwadar? Sixty five percent of oil China consumes has been imported from the Middle East. What is the previous channel of this imported oil? Previously the oil from any parts of Middle East travel all the way down in the sea and pass the Strait of Malacca which is controlled by Singapore, actually controlled by the United States. Passing the Strait of Malacca, oil goes to main land China via Fujian province or Shanghai. This sea road is too long and especially controlled by the United States (via Strait of Malacca). The port of Gwadar was put in operation since Dec 13, 2016. With that China’s oil purchased from the Middle East directly go to the port of Gwadar by shortening its sea road distance by 85%, and avoiding the United States’ control. The oil will be entered Xinjiang, China via oil pipeline (from Gwadar to Xinjiang). This is not just an oil problem, all the goods arrived in the port of Gwadar can be transported to China via the China-Pakistan Highspeed Rail Road (“Bullet Train”) and highways. Konjirap is too high in elevation and Kashgar does not have enough water, therefore the nearest best location for the Silk Road Economic Belt Central Region is Korla (where our project is located) for building Central Asia Free Trade Region which is one of China’s key projects. With that, Korla of Xinjiang will become the trading center for Central Asia, Europe, Middle East and China. This is the significant value of the region. Regarding to the port of Gwadar lets explain more, why it was not put in operation for many years? Singapore bought out the port of Gwadar many years ago but did not build any infrastructure. Therefore, after buying back the port of Gwadar, Pakistan asked China to invest and together put the port in operation. Once the port of Gwadar is in operation, the Unites States’ 60 years of control on the Strait of Malacca will no longer has any value, and the all will be controlled by China. This is very important!"