Latest Information from Our Homeland — Deception of Foreign Diplomat Visitors by the Chinese Government

Jan. 12, 2019

About a week ago, diplomats from 12 countries were invited to visit East Turkestan. We have learned the following information directly from the Uyghur eyewitnesses in our homeland:

"One type of places the diplomats were allowed and guided to visit are the two mosques in Ürümchi, Dong Koruk Mosque and Southgate (Jenubiy Quwuq) Mosque. Before the diplomats came to Ürümchi, the local government stripped off all of the surveillance cameras from the internall walls of the mosques, and put many Qurans in them. One day before the diplomats visited the mosques, some of the Ürümchi Uyghur residents were ordered to come to the mosques and pray in the next morning. Some Uyghurs were very worried and said that they had followed the CCP’s orders and quit praying long time ago. But the police said that was the party order before and going to the mosque and praying is the party’s new order. And those Uyghurs were ordered to pray and behave as normal as possible. So the local government opened the two mosques to the public, ordered many Uyghurs to come to the mosques and pray. The visiting foreign diplomats visited the two mosques during a period of two days. On the third day, the selected Uyghur residents went to the mosques to pray in the morning, but found many police officiers were guarding the gates of the mosques. When the Uyghur prayers told the police that they were here to pray, the police said the show has been over and they must stay away from the mosques as before."

It seems that the Chinese government had staged some successful shows for the foreign diplomats during their visit to East Turkestan a week ago, as they claimed in this report:

"Foreign diplomats discover a true Xinjiang, different from Western media reports"

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The most people in the western country say things from the bottom of their hearts, and do things with honesty, like normal human beings. But the Chinese rulers learned how to control the people and to rule the world with deception at least 2500 years ago, starting the beginning of the Autumn-Spring and Warring States in 771 BC. What we are seeing today is the continuation of such deception, or controlling the people and ruling the world by deception by the Chinese rulers.

- Erkin Sidiq

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