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We are celebrating our independence and enjoying our freedom in America today, July 4th. However the Uyghurs throughout the world are commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Urumchi massacre and the Uyghurs in their homeland are experiencing tragic nightmare today, July 5th.
The Uyghurs who have great contributions to the world deserve to live free like us. The world promised that a mass human incarceration would never happen again 74 years ago. Unfortunately, the Chinese version of Dachau and Auschwitz concentration camps are back in the Uyghurs’ homeland, East Turkestan.
An American middle school student Ian Evans wrote this book for supporting Uyghurs and reminding us how important our freedom and independence are. Ian visited Uyghurs’ homeland years ago and had deep spiritual connections to Uyghur children there. His dream today is to see Uyghur children living in freedom and peace like all American children here. This book is dedicated to every individual who is fighting for the freedom and peace of the Uyghurs.

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The Uyghur Muslims of China have become targets for Xi Jinping's cultural homogenisation project. Children are separated from parents and sent to re-education schools, whilst adults are interned in vast prison networks across the region. Unprecedented levels of surveillance mean that nowhere is hidden from the prying eyes of the CCP as it sets about erasing an ancient cultural heritage.

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The Worst Humanitarian Crisis of the 21-Century

The whole world is watching silently as China is killing Uyghurs and other Turkic people. More than 3 million people...


Latest information coming out of East Turkistan

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A Letter from A Prison Guard in the Newly Built Concentration Camp in Dawanching

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How China is writing its own script

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How the Chinese government successfully staged a shameless show with the concentration camps

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Living in a too far corner of the world; not known to the world mostly due to the Chinese government's propaganda power.


As forgotten as they are, the tragedy is beyond human comprehension. This is devil the humanity has not seen before.


The situation is getting worse and worse as the Chinese government is able to get away with their devilish practices.

How to Help

We know you are concerned and sympathetic. You can actually go one simple step further. Please extend your helping hand by following this link.


List of Uyghur intellectuals imprisoned in China from 2016 to the present
(Last updated on January 9th, 2019)

Medical Researchers and Doctors
1. Halmurat Ghopur, (M) Former rector of Xinjiang Medical University, head of XUAR Medical Oversight Bureau, physician, PhD
2. Abbas Eset, (M) Instructor at Xinjiang Medical University, physician, PhD
3. Nurmemet Emet (M) Head of Uyghur Traditional Medicine Dept., Xinjiang Medical University PhD
4. Enwer Tokhti, (M) Instructor at Uyghur Traditional Medicine Dept., Xinjiang Medical University
5. Alim Pettar, (M) Instructor at Xinjiang Medical University, physician, PhD
6. Perha tBekhti, (M) Vice Rector of hospital attached to Xinjiang Medical University
7. Abduqeyum Tewekkul, (M) Physician, Kashgar Prefectural People's Hospital
8. Enwer Abdukérim, (M0 Physician, Kashgar Prefectural People's Hospital
9. Husen Hesen (M) physician, Kucha Uyghur Medicine Hospital
10. Ebeydulla Hesen (M) physician, XUAR Uyghur Medicine Hospital
11. Tahir Hesen (M), physician, Kucha people's hospital
12. NejibullaAblat (M) cardiologist, Kashgar NO:2 people's Hospital.

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A Heart Wrenching Tragedy

Mutellip Nurmehmet, 41, was tortured to half-death in a concentration camp, and then given back to his parents in Urumqi. He died 9 days later in the hospital. He got two Masters - one in Business Administration from Cal State Univ and another in Information Systems at Northeastern Univ- and went back to East Turkestan in 2004 to work and serve his people. His kids were born in the US, but they are now in East Turkestan and the Chinese government forced him to revoke the US citizenships of his two kids through US Embassy in Beijing. This is a typical case now in East Turkestan: Uyghur people die at home several days after being returned home from the camps. Mutellip’s account is one of countless stories of Uyghurs being killed in the camps. People need to realize that these camps aren’t just about “cultural cleansing”, but also about physical extermination. May Allah grant him the highest level of Jannah and all those who are ruthlessly being tortured and killed under the Chinese regime.


Uyghur Women As Part of the Uyghur Tragedy

As most Uyghur men are locked away in concentration camps for the Chinese government's political indoctrination, Uyghur women are being forced to marry Chinese men.

Uyghur Children As Part of the Uyghur Tragedy

Uyghur children are being forcibly assimilated into the Chinese culture in orphanages while their parents are in concentration camps.

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